Cascades is 66 feet tall and is near Pembroke, Virginia. Early May 2008. MAX 7D and with ND4 filter.

I visited this waterfall just before 7 pm, which was a mistake since it's a 4 mile round trip hike. I got there in time to get a picture of it, but the spray from the falls got on my camera, so I didn't get a decent shot off until I moved further away and removed my filter. I wish I got there an hour earlier because there's many scenic smaller drops along the river that leads to 66 foot falls that I should've taken pictures of. Coming back was scary because it got dark with about a mile left on the trail leading to the parking lot, so every time I passed a huge log, I thought it was a bear! Luckily, the trail coming back was pretty flat and I safely made it to the parking lot. I should have known better than to take a 4 mile hike this late in the day, but when you love waterfalls, sometimes the emotion of wanting to see one gets you in trouble.